No-Fault Divorce: No Blame, It’s That Simple

The Law Office of Heidi C. Noll is happy to provide services for simple, no-fault divorces.

What is a no-fault divorce?

In Pennsylvania, no-fault divorce is basically when two people want to get divorced and neither party is blaming the other for the marriage ending.
Under Pennsylvania law, if both parties are willing to divorce a divorce decree may be obtained in as little as ninety days of filing. The most common ground for a divorce action in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. For this reason a divorce decree may be acquired with consent 90 days after filing and service of a Divorce Complaint. However, if one party does not consent to the divorce, a no-fault divorce can be obtained if the spouses have been separated for over 2 years.

In Pennsylvania there is no such thing as a legal separation. It is presumed that the date one files for divorce is the date of separation unless you can prove otherwise. In some rare cases, spouses can prove to be separated even if they live under the same roof. The amount of time you have been separated can be important in some cases if you are looking to obtain a quick divorce.

With no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania, the Law Office of Heidi C. Noll offers very cost effective solutions to help you obtain a no-fault divorce.

When choosing a no-fault divorce, if both parties agree on the division of property, support issues, and if children are involved, child custody, there is typically a huge financial savings to the parties.

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