Limited Scope Representation for Custody Cases

Often parents are concerned with the cost associated with hiring an attorney to represent them in their custody matter. Consider researching whether the attorney offers limited scope representation for your upcoming custody conference.

Limited Scope Representation for Custody Conferences

If you’ve received a Complaint for Custody ordering you to appear at a Custody Conference it is important that you have competent legal representation. Research whether the attorney offers Limited Scope Agreements. A limited scope agreement is a fee agreement hiring the attorney for the custody conference only. Clients generally find this initial option more affordable. If no agreement regarding custody is obtained at the conference, then you may have to budget for an attorney to represent you at a hearing or trial, as well as, any preparation that may be involved to obtain the most satisfactory outcome in your case.

The importance of legal representation from the outset of litigation

While a limited scope fee agreement may be beneficial from a budgetary standpoint, failure to retain an attorney at all is seldom beneficial to a client and often results in a less than satisfactory case outcome either immediately or over time. Your children are the most important thing to you, invest in an attorney to represent your interests.

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